Harley, Demi & Nevil

Bergenhovs Kennel

Our house.

My love for the breed Hovawart started as early in 1989.
When I was 15 years old I´received my first Hovawart. Since then I have been the breed faithful.
Toghether with John, we applied for kennel name in 2004 and we had our first litter in september 2007.
We live in a small community called Bollebygd. The nearest big town is Gothenburg, 40 km east from us.

Former dogs...

Lancie 5 years old

Doffe 5 years old

Iám visiting Gårdvarens Kennel (Maria Ekman)
amd her S-litter -95



I received  my first dog when I´was 12 years old, a Golden Retriver. Since then, dogs have allways been in my family.

My first Hovawart arrived in -89 and I´became an active member of the Swedish workingdogs association.

My former dogs are from Gårdvarens Kennel, (the oldest, still active Kennel in Sweden), Elixier´s Kennel and Shillerhof´s Kennel.

We are  members of  the Swedish dog associations (SKK) and Swedish workingdogs association (SBK). We are also members of the Swedish and German breeding associations (AFH and RZF).  John has been the  secretary of the Swedish Hovawartclub since -2004. He is also a member of the Swedish mentality
committee of Hovawart.

We are active in several workingclasses as well as obedience.
Tracking,  military service, search and rescue, messanger dog etc.

We also enjoy dog shows (exhibitions) a lot.

All of our dogs live in complete harmony in our house as familymembers. As they are familymembers we do not give any of them away becuse of the fact they are not suitable for breeding.




Our filosify...

Dina, during search and rescue training

Elvis during Military servicedog DM 2007
Elvis during IPO

Elvis during Military servicedog DM 2005
urth place

Elvis during Military servicedog DM 2005
urth place

Dina, during search and rescue training














We belive a working dog is a healthy dog. Because of that we spend all of our free time to train our dogs. Apart from regular training as obedience, tracking and so on we also spend a lot of time on the physique.

Every summer we do a lot of swimming with the dogs in our own pond, in the winter they swim in a pool. Along with walks and rides with bicycle the dogs also train pulling.

Until today three of our dogs have obtain the military workingdog certificate and one of them are a certifaied search and rescue dog.

Jennie & John Örvill

Furuskog  Granliden
517 95  OLSFORS

+ 46 33-29 94 00  + 46 70-636 12 15

Jennie & John,  Bergenhovs Kennel

Leon, Demi, Nevil, Elvis & Dina in the summer of 2005

Military servicedog training

John and Dina, Certified Search and Rescuedog.